Professor of Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Chairman and Executive Technical consultant (IATS)
Its pleasure to convey message from IATS to our world-wide customers, interested parties, students of foreign admission. Our valued customers are:
(i) Aeronautical colleges/Universities, vocational training institutes who are interested in translating their course curriculum into course notes, and presentation slides,
(ii) students seeking admission into foreign colleges and universities
(iii) students / professionals seeking courses for developing expertise/skill/professionalism
IATS takes pride in its success in many events of launching programs and seminars with a great number of participants seeking admission in foreign colleges and universities. In this field, endeavors of IATS was successful almost hundred percent in past years.
IATS produced a huge volume of course notes of Aeronautical technical training and other Engineering in the past few years. The elegant works of IATS in preparing course notes have been gladly accepted and appreciated by each and every college/universities and training providers who put their demand for translating their course curriculum into course notes. The most outstanding works are the translation of BTEC and City and Guilds course curriculum into course notes for a number of prestigious institutions of international reputation.
For its program of human expertise development, IATS offered many certificate courses including those of IT and business management. IATS is committed to increase the field of courses in this attempt of human resource development.
IATS promises hereby to continue all its programs for the coming years with an added mission of opening an INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE for TRADE COURSE where there are projects of certificate courses on civil Aeronautics (airframe, power plant, Instrument, electrics, radio and radar), vocational training (air-conditioning, refrigeration, welding, sheet metal works, plumbing, masonry, swaging, riveting etc) with an objective promise of alleviation of poverty through these kind of job oriented technical training.
Thank you.
Professor M.A.Kashem
(Honorary Chairman)

EASA Part-66, Preparation and test papers, 24/7 online tutorials
FAA preparation and test papers, 24/7 online tutorials
Courses for EASA-147 Organizations
IATS also facilities both in-house and visiting training with its fully experienced type rate instructors for aircraft:
A310, DC10, F28, ATP, that’s including aviation legislation and human factor in aviation.
IATS also provides both contact and seasonal lecturer and instructors for basic and type rated courses.